Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take part in this promotion?

To be eligible for a cashback rebate, you need to purchase one of our qualifying Dell XPS laptops from a qualifying retailer.

You can then submit your claim on this website for up to 30 days after you made your purchase.

Once submitted, we'll check to make sure you've provided all the information needed to start processing your claim. If you have, we'll approve your claim within 2 working days.

On approval, we'll send you instructions about how to send us your old laptop for recycling. Please note qualifying trade-in units are restricted to laptops only and must be 7 years old or newer. Desktops will not be accepted for trade-in. Follow the steps to send us your trade-in item.

When we receive your trade-in items, we'll check to make sure they meet the standard outlined in our Terms. If they do, we'll validate your cashback payment and update you by email.

You'll then receive your cashback reward within 30 days of validation.

You can check how your claim's progressing any time you like on the Track My Claim page.

Need More Help?

You can find even more information about how to claim your reward on the How it Works page.

How many times can I claim?

Claims are limited to one per person and 3 per household. Small businesses are limited to 3 claims.

Is my new Dell device eligible for this promotion?

To be eligible to claim, you'll need to have bought one of the Dell XPS laptops on the Qualifying Products page. Unfortunately, if your product isn't listed here, you won't be able to claim.

What can I use as my proof of purchase and what should it show?

This depends on where you made your purchase:

  • If you bought your product in-store, simply use the store receipt you received with your purchase.
  • If you made your purchase online, use either your invoice, or order confirmation and some proof of delivery

When sending your proof of purchase, make sure the following information is clearly visible:

  • Product purchased
  • Retailer
  • Purchase date
  • Price paid

If you need some help uploading your proof of purchase, select How do I upload my proof of purchase? below.

How do I upload my proof of purchase?

You'll be asked to upload a digital copy of your proof of purchase when submitting your claim. How you do this depends on the type of proof of purchase you want to upload.

Proof of purchase by email

If you made your purchase online, then it's likely your proof of purchase will have been sent to you by email. Simply screenshot your invoice or order confirmation email, making sure the following information is clearly visible:

  • What you bought
  • Where you bought it
  • Date of purchase
  • Price you paid

Need help taking screenshots? Select your device type from the list below:

Alternatively, you can save the entire email as a PDF. You can usually do this by selecting Print then Save as PDF. You can then upload the PDF file to your claim.

Sometimes, invoices are attached to emails as PDF files; in this case, simply download the invoice and upload it to the form.

Paper proof of purchase

How you upload a physical proof of purchase document (like a shop receipt or delivery note) depends on what type of device you're using to make your claim. Choose your device type from the options below and follow the instructions:

I'm using a Windows PC or Mac

If you have a scanner, you can simply scan your receipt or delivery note and upload it straight to your claim form.

If you don't have a scanner, simply take a picture using your mobile phone, tablet or digital camera - or use a scanner app. When taking your picture, making sure the following information is clearly visible:

  • What you bought
  • Where you bought it
  • Date of purchase
  • Price you paid

You can then transfer the image to your PC or Mac. To do this, simply email the images to yourself and download from there.

Alternatively, you can select the option that best applies to you from below and follow the instructions:

I'm using a phone or tablet

If you are claiming on your tablet or phone, you can take a picture of your receipt or invoice using your device and upload the image straight from your picture library.

Uploading your proof of purchase

To upload your proof of purchase, click Choose file then simply find and select the image or PDF file you'd like to upload and click Upload.

If you have selected the wrong file by accident, you can remove it using the delete button (indicated by the bin icon).

My picture file is too large to upload. What should I do?

If you've had a notification saying your file is too large, you'll just need to resize it. You can do this in one of the following ways:

If you're using a Windows PC

  1. Open the image in the Windows Photo app. This should happen automatically when you double click it.
  2. Click the three dots at the top-right of the window.
  3. Select Resize.
  4. Select M Best for emails and messages.
  5. Give the file a name you'll remember and click Save.

You should now be able to upload the new file.

If you're using a Mac

You'll find all you need to know under Resize, rotate or flip an image in Preview on Mac.

When you've completed the steps, try uploading again.

If you're using an Android device

  1. Open your Android's camera.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Set your Picture quality settings to Standard.
  4. Take the picture again.

You should now be able to upload the new file. If you're still unable to, try setting your Picture quality to Low.

If you're using an iPhone or iPad

  1. Tap the Photos app.
  2. Find the image.
  3. Tap Edit.
  4. Tap the crop button in the bottom-left corner.
  5. Tap the white square button in the bottom-right corner.
  6. Choose the size you'd like to crop your picture to.

When you've done this, try uploading it again. If you're still unable to, follow the steps again and choose a smaller size.

What payment details do I need to provide?

You'll need to give us the following bank details so we can transfer your cashback reward into your account:

  • Account holder's name
  • Account number
  • BSB number

I've just submitted a claim. What happens next?

We'll send you a confirmation email to let you know we've received your claim. Your details will then be checked through by our team.

If you've provided all the information needed to approve your claim, we'll send you instructions letting you know how to send us your trade-in device for recycling. We'll need to receive your device within 30 days of claim approval.

When we receive your trade-in, we'll check to make sure they meet the standard outlined in our terms. If they do, we'll validate your cashback rebate and update you by email.

Your items will be recycled safely and sustainably. Find out more.

You'll then receive your reward within receive your cashback reward within 30 days of validation.

Remember, you can check how your claim is progressing using the Track My Claim function.

How do I send my old device for trade-in?

To make recycling your old laptop as easy as possible, we will provide a postage contribution of A$23 in addition to your cashback reward. This way you can use whichever shipping service you like to return your old laptop, and then the cost is on us. We recommend that you use a service that provides tracking.

Your barcode

We will send you a barcode when we approve your claim. You'll need to pack this in the parcel with your trade-in item. Without it, we won't be able to match your item to your claim and validate your cashback rebate.

Preparing and sending your item

Before you send us your item, we strongly recommend you wipe your device clean of any data. Although we always perform additional data sanitisation measures to further protect you from data security risks, we cannot guarantee the safety of you data before then.

Once that's done, we ask that you pack your trade-in item securely, so it can make the journey over to us safely. When you're ready, simply take your parcel to your nearest Post Office. That's all there is to it.

Remember, we must receive your trade-in within 30 days of your claim form being approved.

How should I pack my trade-in device?

Please make sure you pack your trade-in item securely so it can make the journey over to us safely. We recommend you do the following:

  • Pack your items securely in an undamaged box or container that is sufficiently strong and durable.
  • Use high quality wrapping and cushioning/filler materials to avoid contents getting loose, becoming damaged or activating accidentally.
  • Always remove old labels and stickers when reusing boxes to avoid confusion during delivery.
  • Protect edges and sharp points with heavy, well-secured edge protection


When we validate your claim form, we'll send you a unique barcode. Please make sure your barcodes are printed and included inside your parcel with your item. We need your barcode to identify your trade-in item with your claim and validate your cashback reward.

What happens to my data when I send my laptop for recycling?

We understand and share your concerns regarding the security and privacy of your data. So, even if you secure, backup, and remove all data from your laptop prior to trade-in, we will always perform additional data sanitisation measures to further protect you from data security risks.

When we receive your laptop for trade-in, the hard drive is sanitised according to the requirements established by the US Department of Commerce National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), to securely prepare it for reuse. If any data cannot be removed through the sanitisation process, then the hard drive will be physically destroyed to prepare it for sustainable recycling. You can rest assured that your personal data is secure - that's our promise to you.

What condition should my trade-in device be in?

To be approved for a cashback rebate, any laptop computer sent for trade-in must:

  • be in full working order
  • have no cosmetic damage, such as cracked screen (normal wear and tear and minor defects is acceptable)
  • have a battery capable of providing power for a minimum of 15 minutes
  • be supplied with a compatible power cable
  • be no older than 7 years old

Unfortunately, we won't be able to accept your laptop computer if it does not meet this minimum standard, and will be unable to approve your cashback rebate.

What will happen if my trade-in unit breaks while in transit?

Unfortunately we require the trade-in unit to meet the minimum standard as set out in the Terms & Conditions. If the unit breaks in transit and doesn't meet the criteria, we will be unable to approve your cashback. For this reason, we recommend that you subscribe to shipment insurance when sending in your unit. Please pack your item securely to give it the best chance of reaching us safely.

What happens to my old laptop when you receive it?

So, what actually happens to your laptop when you send it for trade-in? Here are all the steps along the trade-in journey - from the moment we open the box until your laptop reaches its next life.

  1. Your laptop is received and booked into the tracking system with make, model, serial number, and claim ID.
  2. We place your laptop in the production queue, where a technician scans it and boots it up for testing and data erasure.
  3. Another scan determines the specifications for on-board hardware, such as the motherboard, hard drive, RAM, graphics card, etc.
  4. The technician then "grades" your laptop based on cosmetic and functional testing.
  5. Data sanitisation removes all your personal data according to NIST standards. If the sanitisation process fails for any reason, then the hard drive is removed and physically shredded. If it passes, then the laptop moves on to quality control.
  6. Once a laptop passes quality control, it can be remarketed for reuse.
  7. If your laptop is damaged or not suitable for reuse as a whole unit, it is passed to recovery and recycling where its reusable parts are separated from waste material.
  8. Reusable parts can be utilized to fix future repairable units or sold as spare components, while waste materials are sent only to approved partners for processing into raw materials.

How is Dell helping our environment?

Dell is committed to supporting the shift to a more environmentally friendly economy. That includes embracing a circular economy, where the concept of "waste" is designed out of the system. We reuse materials and components in production, reducing landfill, reducing energy usage and generally ensuring Dell's carbon footprint and impact on the environment are kept to a minimum.

Dell's position is clear, and we are committed to making this shift easy, efficient and productive for all our customers.

Find out more.

How do I find my Claim ID?

You'll be given your Claim ID on the confirmation screen just after you submit your claim.

Don't worry if you missed it. We also include your Claim ID in any email updates we send you about your claim. If you're having trouble finding your emails, check your junk folder.

You've sent me an email asking for missing information. What should I do?

If you have received a missing information email, that means you haven't provided all the details needed to approve your claim. Unfortunately, we won't be able to validate your claim until you get this information over to us.

We will have let you know what we need in your email. To send us your missing information, follow the instructions provided.

Here are a few common reasons why you might have received this email:

We couldn't read your proof of purchase

We might not have been able to read your proof of purchase because the image you sent was blurry, too dark, or for another reason. If this is the case, you just need to send your proof of purchase again ensuring the image is clear and easy to read.

The proof of purchase was missing information

The proof of purchase you sent might not have shown some key information. This can include such details as how much you paid, the retailer name, or what you bought. In this case, you just need to send your proof of purchase again making sure it contains all the necessary information.

We received the wrong document

The document you uploaded might not have been an acceptable proof of purchase. Make sure the document you upload proves that you've bought a qualifying product, how much it cost and where you bought it from. This can be a receipt or invoice - or an online order confirmation and delivery note if you don't have either of those.

Check the service tag number

The service tag number you entered on the claim form might have been incorrect.

When will I get my cashback reward?

We'll try our very best to send your reward within 30 days of receiving and validating your trade-in devices.

As soon as your cashback has been paid, you'll get an email and text letting you know. After this, please allow a few days for the money to appear in your account.

You can track your claim at any time by visiting Track My Claim on our website.

Why haven't I received my reward?

It's likely that we're still processing your claim. Don't worry, we'll send your reward as soon as we can. You will receive your reward within 30 days of your trade-in devices being validated. As soon as your cashback has been paid, we'll notify you by email.

You can get a live update on your claim any time you like by using Track My Claim on our website.

Where can I find my service tag number?

You can usually find your service tag number on a sticker on the base of your device or on your laptops original packaging.

I received an email saying my reward has been sent. Where is it?

This means your cashback reward has now been paid. You might just need to wait a few days for the payment to clear into your account.

Why has my claim been rejected?

Most likely, your claim has been rejected because you're not eligible for this promotion. For more information, please see your email.

You can find more information in the Terms & Conditions of this promotion.

Although you might not have been successful this time, Dell is running new promotions all the time. The right offer for you might be just around the corner. To see all our promotions, please visit our website.

My device is not eligible for trade-in, but I'd still like to recycle it. What should I do?

We've made it easy to recycle your unwanted electronics of any brand responsibly, in any condition, and for free. Visit our recycling webpage to book a collection.

I will receive my new Dell laptop after the 30 day deadline to submit my claim. What should I do to receive my cashback?

If you purchased a new Dell laptop for this promotion on and cannot submit your claim within 30 days of purchase due to delayed shipment, please contact our support team before 29th July 2021 using the below 'Contact Us' form at the bottom of this page.

Contact Us Form

If you have any problems or questions related to this promotion, our promotional support team will be happy to help.

By Telephone: (+61) 2 5104 3354

Lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm excluding bank holidays. Calls will be charged at local call rates from landlines only.

Any questions?


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