Why Recycle with Us?

By taking part in our promotion, you're not only helping yourself with a cashback reward, you're helping to protect the environment too. Any laptop traded in will be recycled and reused to create new technology, reducing our collective carbon footprint in the process.

Sustainability & The Circular Economy

At Dell, we want to eliminate the concept of waste. We recognise that the old-style economy where used products are consigned to landfill is unsustainable. So, we support transitioning to a circular economy, reusing and recycling our way to a better, greener future. This way, we can get the most out of our precious resources.

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Transforming Lives

We want to harness the power of technology to create a future that is capable of fully realizing human potential. To do this, we need to bring more people into the digital economy - and your laptop can help us do that.

Data Security

Even if you secure, backup, and remove all data from your laptop prior to trade-in, we always perform additional data sanitisation measures to further protect you from any data security risks. If any data cannot be removed through the sanitisation process, then the hard drive will be physically destroyed to prepare it for sustainable recycling. You can rest assured that your personal data is secure - that's our promise to you.

R2 Certified Green Recycling

We use the materials and components from recycled laptops to create new technology. Because using recycled materials is much less energy intensive, that means our products leave a much smaller carbon footprint.

Here's how it works:

But that's not all...

This promotion is just one of Dell's ambitious goals towards our 2030 Social Impact Plan. By 2030, we aim to:

  • Recycle an equivalent product for every product a customer buys
  • Make our products from at least 50% recycled-content or renewable materials
  • Make 100% of our packaging from recycled or renewable material
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our operations by 50%
  • Source 75% of electricity from renewable sources (and 100% by 2040)

Recycle with Us

Even if your old device isn't eligible for trade-in with this promotion, you can still help us work toward a greener, more ethical future. From unwanted computers to game consoles and ink cartridges, we'll collect old device from your door for recycling. It couldn't be easier!

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